Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Return of the Dead!

Late last year I discovered a site featuring hand knitted zombies. I remember being fascinated with her site because 1. she made these knitted creatures without a pattern and is therefore very creative and 2. she created these purely for her own enjoyment without worrying that they weren't utilitarian or what someone else might consider practical. Heck, I feel guilty if I'm knitting and there are still unmatched socks in the clothes basket and I always try to justify my hobby by making only clothing or dishrags. Anyway, because I possess the attention span of a gnat I soon forgot about the zombies.

Flash forward to this past Monday. Throughout the day hints of impending illness were present, but that afternoon it hit hard and I couldn't get out of bed. Poor DH had to drive up from Oregon to take care of the girls. Joys of this particular bug included fever, body aches and dizziness that made sleep difficult at best. And when sleep did come it was haunted with strange dreams of those knitted zombies. Aaack!

Thankfully, we're back to normal here and DH was able to leave this morning for Oregon again. I hope he doesn't become ill while he's down there.

I didn't knit, match socks, cook or do anything else useful for about 36 hours, so now it's catch up time. A1 has a party today for her orchestra class so we'll be buying store bought cookies (blech) for that. Only 6 1/2 more school days left for my oldest two . Hooray. Time to set up the pool and start yardwork. Cheers!


Blogger Karen said...

Looks like those Knit Zombies where somewhere down in your sub-concious, just waiting for fevers to bring them out. :( I'm glad you are feeling much better now. I'm with you on the store-bought cookies . . . .but sometimes you just have to (and this is certainly one of those times).

6:14 AM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

ohman that sucks - glad to hear you're feeling better!

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Cindy said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better. Sounds like a nasty bug. And store-bought cookies are fine when you feel like hell. Around here they are required now. Everything has to go to the schools sealed. No more homebaked goodies. I think it's kind of sad.

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Oh Heide, so sorry to hear that you've been so sick - I hope everything is okay and well with you again? Do take care of yourself, will you?
How strange it is that those knitted zombies came back to you in your feverish dreams - goes to show what we keep in mind for however long, at least in our subconscious! But hey, I just checked the site, the zombies are so cool - though, I wouldn't want to meet them in my dreams either!

12:26 AM  
Blogger trek said...

Schedule? What's a schedule??

6:36 AM  
Blogger Terby said...

Glad you're on the mend. At least it was one of the bugs that hits hard and goes away quickly. Being sick is never fun, but the ones that linger on really wear me down.
Thanks for all your kind comments!

7:18 AM  
Blogger ferg said...

Oh Heide! I checked out the pictures on the knitted zombie site and read a bit too. What a boring life I lead. What boring things I knit. I might have to start making things up!
How do you track these things down?
Anyway I hope you are truly better and looking forward to stay-at-home days for the summer.
Cheers Gllian

7:39 PM  

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