Sunday, May 28, 2006

20 things I love about knitting

Gina over at Sleepy Eyes Knitting has asked her readers to post their lists of 20 things that they love about knitting. After reading others' lists I doubt mine will be as insightful or creative. But without further ado and in no particular order:

1. I'm nervous and knitting gives my hands something to do. The bonus is that because it's usually productive I don't feel guilty for being idle.
2. I have something to show for my efforts. Unlike housework, which is never done, especially laundry. And some of the net results can be used for presents.
3. The ability to make a wearable garment provides a mental challenge (okay, maybe not for some people, but I've never been very good at math).
4. If anybody ever tries to mug or molest me (it could happen) I'm always armed with a sharp and potentially hazardous weapon.
5. I can passively irritate my husband by knitting. Passive annoyance, it's kind of a Ghandi thing.
6. Knitting is portable.
7. I love the different colors and textures of yarn.
8. My Grandmothers both taught me to knit and it makes me think of them.
9. I can't sing or dance and this makes me feel like I'm not such a loser.
10. It's a nexus to others throughout the world.
11. No two projects are the same, so it's always new.
12. I grew up on a farm and although we never had sheep, (are goats close enough to sheep?) knitting appeals to my inner hick.
13. It's warm and comfortable to knit during inclement weather.
14. I can make anything from Willy Warmers to baby clothes using the same tools.
15. I'm teaching my girls to knit and someday maybe they will enjoy it as much as I do. Then at least we will have that in common. After all, I doubt I'll be thrilled with future boyfriends, probable tattoos and the inevitable piercings, but I'll always be happy with what they create.
16. It's less expensive than scuba diving and not as dangerous as sky diving.
17. You can talk, eat and drink while knitting.
18. I have a new reason to visit eBay.
19. Yarn is small and pliable and therefore new purchases can be stashed in a variety of locations without detection.
20. I have a reason to dye my own yarn and it's as much fun as knitting!

Now back to my knitting!


Anonymous jessie said...

Hallelujah to your first three! I'm antsy, and knitting calms me; knitting creates forward progress in a world of repetitive tasks; and even a washcloth is a math challenge for me as a knitter.

2:33 AM  
Anonymous Cindy said...

Good reasons all. I'm so ADD that I can't really think of 20 reasons. Basically, I knit as a creative outlet and to have a usable object when completed. Oh, I wasn't supposed to answer, this is a meme, right? Besides, you are a much better knitter than I am. You knit fair isle. I'm still in awe.

12:40 PM  

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