Saturday, June 24, 2006

Leisel's Stripedy Socks!

The socks made from the yarn dyed by Leisel are finally completed! The stripes even lined up. A friend asked for purple socks and I'm still trying to decide if these will qualify. I don't have any solid purple yarn, just variegated currently.

This week the girls and I were out at my parent's home on the coast. While there my Aunt Marlene and I went jetty fishing in North Cove. I caught two small perch that I threw back, but Marlene caught a good sized fish before the bait ran out. There was a bald eagle that caught a large fish not too far from where we were. He/she stood on the beach eating it but I didn't have my camera.

B. is back home again and he starts classes on Monday.

My friend and old college roommate, Karen, will be by shortly. She is an avid quilter and several ladies from her quilting guild are participating in a "Shop Hop". I'm going to tag along and visit. I don't do much quilting due to time and room constraints, but it should be fun.


Anonymous Cindy said...

I always enjoyed fishing for the quiet contemplitive part. I'm not a good fisherperson. Did you eat the perch Aunt Marlene caught? The socks are bright and beautiful. Are they soft, too? Have a great time with Karen and the girls. Quilting is just as addicting as knitting, I think. Hope B had a great birthday.

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Aud said...

Wonderful sock yarn. I like the colourful stripes and the cat, too ;-)

Greetings from Germany


1:20 AM  

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