Thursday, February 02, 2006

Therapy or spite?

Okay, so maybe this was immature or spiteful, but it sure felt therapeutic...

I doubt it will sell, but I can print the listing out for my husband and some day maybe he'll laugh at it.

David, my brother, worked his butt off today. He hauled away garbage and tore off the old porch and siding from the back of our house. And all the poor guy got in return was some old tools from the garage that I didn't want to pack with us. He also brought me a huckleberry scoop. He made it by hand back in December.


Blogger marta said...

Wow. Did you brother fall from Heaven? Does he rent out? Would he like a ski ...cough..cough.."vacation?" I think *he* now has the coveted title of "Most Handy Man in the Universe."

7:14 AM  
Blogger Jeff - WeinerToons said... don't think so. I just hope I don't have a problem with my phone anytime soon. I'd switch, but like the cable company...the local phone company is a monopoly. I still don't get that...when Microsoft was leading the technology market...the government stepped in and tried to crush them. Why is this not the case with cable and telephone?

10:34 AM  

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