Friday, January 27, 2006

Well, somebody told me that when a door closes that a window opens. I just hope the window doesn't slam down on Brian's wee little... fingers. He is going to work some active duty days starting on Monday so he'll be in Oregon for a while. This way he can earn some money and look for a job down that way.

We met with some real estate agents this afternoon. I (Brian will be gone) have a moderate amount of work to do on the house and yard, but the goal is to have it ready to list on Valentine's Day. I'll be painting, etc. instead of knitting for a few weeks. Bummer.

This weekend Amber & I will dye some yarn for her upcoming Science Fair experiment. We will dye one batch with alum and the other with white vinegar. We are trying to determine which will act as a better setting agent and which helps the yarn maintain its color. If there is anything left of the yarn after it has undergone the repeated washings then I'll make lots of socks.

Tasha has been following me around today. She really is a sweet kitty. Although, I do wonder if she truely enjoys my company or if she is just hungry or seeking protection from Bonny.


Blogger Heidi said...

Glad to hear that Brian is able to get some work. It is always hard when you loose a job. How long have you lived where you are at right now? I would HATE to have to move from my home and leave all my memories. I have thought about you a lot the last couple of days with all this crap you are going through. I will keep thinking about you and say a few prayers too.

Love Tasha - what a beautiful girl she is!!! Mail me if you need to.


12:37 PM  

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