Monday, February 06, 2006

Painting & Carnage

On Sunday my Mom, Dad and Grandpa Porgy all came up to help Brian and I on the house. They drywalled about 5/8 of our bedroom, put up trim in the kitchen and started the siding on the back of the house. As usual, there were some obstacles. The biggest was when Autumn rode her bicyle into the back of my Mom's car and split her lip open. That required a trip to the Urgent Care facility in Tacoma and ate up several hours. We are really grateful for all of the help and impressed with the work that was done. My Dad is a boat builder (among other trades) and the repairs he made are truely sea-worthy... much better quality than Brian or I could produce. This will be the second time that we've fixed up a house that we've owned in order to sell it. I don't think I'll ever live in a finished house!

The only knitting I've done has been the swatches for Amber's science fair project. B O R I N G! I can't wait to start the Olympics socks. My first pair will be the After Bertha from Socks, Socks, Socks. I have some sock yarn dyed in a colorway called "Bombay" from Two Waters Fiberworks on Etsy. Her yarn can be found at . I can't wait to cast on. I may order some more of this yarn colorway to make a hat for my Mom to wear when she's clam digging. I'll see how much is leftover after the socks are done.

This evening I was painting the ceiling in my bedroom when a terrible, crashing noise resonated throughout the house. Even without looking I knew that something had broken and that it was probably something valuable or sentimental. Sure enough, my favorite piece of Fiesta lay smashed on the kitchen floor. It had been a large chop plate in the old radioactive red (color made from Uranium glaze). Even if another could be found I doubt it would be affordable. The pieces may end up on eBay for someone to use in mosaic work. At least nobody was hurt.

Well, I need to wash dishes and cycle some laundry through before bed. And in the words of Scarlett O-Hara (movie only, I don't think she says this in the book), "Tomorrow is another day."


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