Saturday, July 08, 2006

Happy Birthday David! & Scout's Meme

Today is my brother's 36th birthday. Happy birthday David!

Not much new here, just cleaning out the laundry room today. It's a hot, boring job, but necessary job.

Scout's "Wanna Know a Secret" Meme . I now tag each and every one of you who reads this to tell a secret that might make your friends/readers lose respect for you. Come on. Play with me. Please? Ready, set, GO! I expect to see some good ones out there. Go post!

Here is something that I don't normally share with my peers. I love fishing. Please don't hate me PoMo Golightly or any other vegetarians or fish lovers out there. Summer days make me long for mountains and fishing. Must be a hold-over from childhood. We used to camp and fish a lot.

This picture was taken in the Cascade Mountains outside of Winthrop, WA. Those would be rainbow trout and yes, I caught them all! The sneer indicates that this was taken during my early teen years, but I can't remember exactly when. The aforementioned brother was probably the source of my annoyance.

So there you have it, I'm a hillbilly. I detest malls and shopping (except for books and yarn). And on that note, I'm off with my shovel to scrape up some roadkill for the stewpot.

Happy Saturday everyone and don't forget to enter Ferg's contest. She dyes up some delicious yarn!


Blogger ferg said...

Thankyou again, Heide. It is beginning to roll along quite well and some people , including you, have come up with some top-notch responses.
That's a fair sized rainbow trout or more. well done. I love to eat them and can battle with the bones but Robert is not so keen so I have gradually gone off them and onto other fish which are more easily dealt with. Did you have Flathead while you were in Oz. Skinned and boned right down to what are called "flathead tails" it becomes a really lovely fish to eat.
Happy Birthday David.
Cheers Gillian

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Happy birthday to your brother! Oh, we sure share our love for fishing, though I have to admit I haven't done it for ages, shame on me! But I'm so desperate to go again, enjoying the peace and of course pulling out some yummy fish! I so love that pic of you in your teenie years with those trouts in your hands!

11:28 PM  
Blogger Cindy said...

I'm thinking. I'm thinking. It's just that the events I'm thinking about are so bad I'm not readily willing to admit to them. Gonna have to work on it. I tend to humiliate myself with some regularity so I should be able to come up with something. I never considered fishing a hillbilly think. I must be one, too, huh? What roadkill did you put in your stew, huh girl? Happy b'day to your brother. You kind of get hit hard birthday-wise in June and July don't you?

12:21 PM  
Blogger Heide said...

The durned neighbors down the street beat me to the possum. Our family gets hit hard in March, June and July with birthdays, but the rest of the year is pretty tame. Don't worry about regularity, a one-time humiliating even will do just fine.

12:53 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

I've done the deed over on my blog. I also am a pretty self-deprecating person, in general. Dorky. Most of the people I know know all the embarrassing stuff already.

Thinking of you this week at camp. I'm sure it will be great! My DD has craft camp this week and GS camp next week (daycamp). Happy giraffes!

6:32 AM  

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