Monday, April 03, 2006

Northwest Trek

Last year we purchased a combination family pass to the Pt. Defiance Zoo and Northwest Trek. Yesterday we decided to pack up a lunch and spend the afternoon at the latter as we hadn't visited it in several months. The day proved both relaxing and exhausting. For those of you unfamiliar with Northwest Trek, it is an open range animal park featuring animals native to North America. Among the inhabitants are Roosevelt Elk, Canada Geese, Trumpeter Swans, North American Bison, black tailed deer, mountain goats, moose and caribou. There are also some critters with private accommodations, such as the bears, wildcats, birds and skunks. There is an open air tram ride through the range area of the park and pedestrian trails to the individual exhibits. The following pictures are of some of the animals we saw.

Mountain lion and Grizzly Bear

Bison pictures, I believe these are both male. Someone asked the tour guide what the difference was between a buffalo and a bison. We were all informed condescendingly that buffalo were from Asia and Africa and that buffalo were from North America. I do not know if this is true or not, but I didn't question her. Afterall, she was driving and I didn't wish to be evicted from the vehicle... the said bison/buffalo/ whatever were huge.

Hillier's Mtn. Outlook looking towards Eatonville
Mama Mountain Goat w/last year's baby

Ashley & Brian on tram
Autumn, Amber & Ashley next to the Snowy Owl exhibit

I brought my knitting, but didn't have time to take it out. Being spring, the animals were shedding their winter coats and there were clumps of fluff and fur everywhere. I wonder if bison hair can be spun. Hmmm.


Blogger Peacock said...

Sure, bison hair could be spun! :) .. it'd probably be a little coarse, but the "I have something you don't have" cache would make it worthwhile. (grin)

I spin my dog's fur...

(well, yes it's easier when I remove it from the dog first. ;)

(Brushing, of course! ..although twice a year I can just pull it out by the handful when he's blowing coat..)

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Pat H said...

Yes the undercoat can be spun. You must remove the guard hairs first.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

Great photos! It looks like you all had lots of fun ;o)

8:56 AM  

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