Thursday, March 30, 2006

Not much new to report. The family has been taking turns being sick for the past couple of days. I did manage to finish the socks with the yarn that Cindy gave me. I also picked up the yarn needed to finish the fair isle cardigan. The week-long break on that monstrocity was welcome. My next project will include cables of some sort. Last year I bought some Elsebeth Lavold yarn and a book, but I've not taken the time to decipher her charts. She has lots of fabulous cables in her sweaters.

Autumn (who's 7) asked if I would teach her how to knit over her spring vacation. Amber is excited because she was chosen to watch Chips, her 4th grade class pet over the break. Chips is a Leopard gecko who hopefully will survive his stay with us. Being known as the one who killed the class pet could mar a kid for life.


Anonymous Cindy said...

Your socks turned out great. A new knitter in the family is so exciting. On the class pet front...when I was in college I cared for a sorority sister's pet hamster. He got out and wandered our home for 2 days before we caught him. Thank God he waited to die until 2 days after we got back from break. I wish you better luck. Hope you all stay well. It's so hard this time of year. Have a great weekend.

6:56 AM  
Blogger ferg said...

Oh Dear! My memories of pet minding make me shiver.
The class goldfish floated to the top of the bowl during the Easter break, nextdoor's pet canary hung upside down from the perch one morning while they were on holidays and my aunt's spaniel leapt our six foot high fence and took four days to cross town to get home! Nearly got turned into a movie but he went on his own and so there was no dialogue.
Cheers Gillian

7:51 PM  
Blogger ferg said...

ps. Socks are fantastic, cheers Gillian

7:52 PM  

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