Sunday, March 26, 2006

Weekend at home.

We enjoyed a relaxing weekend at home. Brian worked on the drywall finishing in Ashley's room and put up the remaining trim in our bedroom. I washed our house's siding and picked up some hyacinths and new bark for the front yard. The weather fluctuated between rain and sunny periods so yardwork ended up being left until later.

Saturday afternoon the girls and I played Monopoly.

I ran out of the correct shade of green necessary for finishing my Mom's birthday cardigan so I started work on some new socks. They are the Feather & Fan pattern from the book, Socks, Socks, Socks. These are being done in the yummy Piece of Vermont's Granny Smith color that Cindy gave me. The pattern is relaxing to do. However, they use Dutch heel shaping and the resulting heels are very narrow.

This week is half days of school for my two older daughters because of conferences. Then the next week they are on spring break. Unfortunately Spring break for my youngest isn't until the middle of April. Not that we had any big trips planned, but coinciding vacations would have left us with an option to leave home for a few days.


Anonymous jessie said...

Great yarn LOL! Let me know if you have any pooling. I'm trying to prevent it so I can boast a handpainted, non-pooling yarn. That color is not too subtle, is it?!

2:19 AM  
Anonymous Cindy said...

I love your socks. BTW, do your girls cheat? My nieces used to cheat horribly on board games. When I'd catch them, they'd look all innocent and deny it.

6:40 AM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

Do you pile up the cash from when you land on the income tax box and give it to the person who lands on free parking? :o)

3:34 PM  
Blogger Heide said...

Heck yes! Free Parking = Lottery on our Monopoly board. Amber & Ashley didn't cheat, but Autumn (who wasn't playing) kept trying to sneak money to different people who weren't doing well... kind of a Robin Hood thing.

5:34 PM  

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