Wednesday, March 22, 2006

middle of the week

Another Wednesday is upon us. Ashley is staying home from preschool again due to a bad cold. This is her practicing the piano. She isn't even remotely interested in reading the notes in the book as she prefers her own compositions. I hope that someday we can afford a piano teacher for the girls and that they are interested in actually learning. Amber is doing well with her violin, but she doesn't practice very much.

Today is panic day for birthday presents. My Mom and Karen both mark another trip around the sun on the 24th. And both of their knitted creations are still awaiting finishing. Stephanie (The Yarn Harlot) posted an analogy between raising children and knitting buttonhole bands that had me laughing this morning. Anyway, I hope I have more success with my children than with sweater finishing. If not then I weep for the future world. Well, I'm off to attempt frogging without unraveling a steek on one sweater and to search for the misplaced buttons for the other. Happy Wednesday everybody!


Anonymous Cindy said...

Sometimes lessons push children into a place where the music no longer appeals to them. Just a thought. Good luck on the sweater.

8:06 AM  
Blogger Mama -E said...

happy wed heide!

8:20 AM  
Blogger marta said...

Hi! We're all feeling better now but it looks like the crud has crept over to your house :-( . My mom's a piano teacher. Personally, I think it all has to do with finding the right teacher, and the environment around practice and performance. Mom has always said students should *not* begin until they read well - it helps with decoding the music. I think it teaches that hard work pays off and that anything worth doing requires practice - which isn't always fun. I never took piano lessons (I was more serious in woodwinds) and play what I want but wish I was better...
Your Philosopher's sweater is BEAUTIFUL!

7:44 AM  

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