Friday, March 31, 2006

Just walk away...

I often tell my daughters to just "walk away" from frustrating situations and potential skirmishes. Now it's time to heed my own advice. This morning I accidentally cut two holes in the body of my Mom's fair isle cardigan. I was trying to trim off some fringed edges and wasn't paying attention and I cut too deep. I have now put that whole sweater in my bottom filing cabinet drawer. That is where my knitting f-ups reside and it's getting pretty full! Maybe I'll have a felting free-for-all some weekend and make a bunch of purses out of the boo boos. Mind you, that's a lot of purses.

I started knitting "Liv" from Elsebeth Lavold's book, Viking Knits this morning. I'll start some socks this weekend too so I have a portable project for driving. I'm going to use Mama E's Keohinani for the socks and they will have cables too.

My oldest daughters are now officially on spring break. Chips, the gecko, is residing on our bedroom dresser and the sound of crickets chirping echoes from his terarium. I've never lived anywhere that has crickets, but they're supposed to be soothing to listen to. If not then Chips' home may be moved to the top of the refrigerator in the kitchen. We have to keep him safe from kitties and younger siblings.

After three different shades of yellow paint, we finally settled on a color for Ashley's bedroom. The first gallon ended up not being enough. The second can ended up being too green to match the first gallon and we ended up changing the shade altogether. There is still no molding or trim up, but here is the color we chose...

And finally, today is the last official day of Secret Pal 7. I'm going to keep visiting both Karyn and Cindy. I was Karyn's SP, Karyn was Cindy's SP and Cindy was mine. Did anybody else who participated in SP7 have triangulation with the exchanges or was our set up of giving to one another a coincidence? Just curious, as this was my first time. Anyway, I hope that my family's financial and other situations allow me to participate in SP8.


Anonymous Cindy said...

OMG, that cutting sucks royally. I wish we lived closer, I'd bring the wine and we'd drown our sorrows. Consider this your chocolate and wine hug from afar. We have crickets in the Midwest. Only someone who doesn't have them finds them soothing. They signify intense heat and oppressive humidity here. Also, the kitties love to remove one leg so they can't hop around. Also, they will eat holes in clothing if allowed. This is probably too much information. Sorry. I love the yellow. It's very soft, but cheerful. Have a good weekend kiddo.

5:11 PM  
Blogger Peacock said...

I was in a triangluated group as well. :) It makes keeping track of things a little easier for the host(esses) I suspect.

I'm not sure whether any of the previous SP exchanges were triangular groupings, or somewhat larger groupings, or completely random.. I suspect it's all getting refined as it grows in popularity.

I'm so glad you enjoyed SP7! I've been really enjoying reading your blog. :)

I have sockyarn dyed up and hanging to dry for your win in the CactusBuckets challenge!! :) I'm assuming the address I have for you will work? if not, please update me!


1:29 AM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

I love that yellow color - very pretty :o)

Cutting through a sweater...that sucks.

9:23 PM  

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