Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm Weird!

I've been tagged by Cindy to fess up to six weird things about myself. Anybody who knows me is aware of the diffeculty of this task. After all, how do I choose a mere 6 quirks to share. Well, here are some in no particular order.

1. I like fruitcake. It's one of the reasons I look forward to the Christmas holidays. But it has to be a real fruitcake made with rum and other good stuff, not just those dyed, imitation fruit bits. Are those even real food?

2. I don't like breathing the same immediate air as others. I often hold my breath when walking by groups of people. Especially if they look unkept.

3. I HATE it when bed sheets aren't perfectly smooth and they don't hang evenly over both sides of the bed. The foot must be tucked in evenly too, all the way across, regardless if it's my side of the bed. I can't sleep in a messy bed. Ever. I occasionally jump out of bed and rearrange the sheets. It drives my husband crazy.

4. I can't sit still. Even now my legs are moving. This is partially why knitting is a favorite activity. It's something socially acceptable that I can do while talking to others, watching television, etc. For some reason people tend to feel uneasy if you're doing jumping jacks while holding a conversation.

5. I like dipping French fries in milk shakes. This grosses my husband out. And what's funny is that all three of my daughters like to do this too.

6. I worry. I worry about everything. I worry about worrying too much. Sometimes I wake up because I'm worrying in my dreams and then I worry because I'm not asleep. When this happens I usually get up and make a snack. This time of year it's often fruitcake or some other high-calorie treat. I worry about how bad it is while I eat it. After I'm done eating then I often go back to the bedroom, rearrange and re-tuck the sheets. Then I'll climb into bed, with my back facing my husband so we don't breathe the same air, and go to sleep until the next worrisome dream.

And now I tag anybody reading this to show us your weird. I'll bet you aren't as strange as I am.

The power went out last night at about 7:45 pm and it was out until after 4:00pm this afternoon. I couldn't knit because the house was too cold so I dug out the Pendleton blanket mill end rag rug and finished it. Because of the size it required full body contact, thus forcing me to generate body heat . It measures 6'8" in diameter and is 2" thick. Because it's wool it's very warm. This is a non-surprize Christmas present for a dear friend. My wrists may never be the same again. Ouch!


Blogger Karen said...

I LOVE your weird list!!! I got tagged today, and after reading your list the pressure is really on to come up with some entertaining stuff!! I'm with you on the bed thing though - for me, the top of the sheet also have to be folded over perfectly . . . on my side as well as Pea's. Maybe I'll use that on my list!!

6:44 PM  
Blogger Heidi said...

That is SO FUNNY!!! The sheets thing TOTALLY ME!!!! Hubby hates the sheets tucked in, so when he is asleep I jump up in pin the down!!! LOL

9:11 PM  
Anonymous cindy said...

You're weird how? I don't think anything was weird. I'm not the same on the sheets, though. I can't eat fruitcake, but LOVE to make it. It's that wheat allergy thing. BTW, you won a contest at Mama-E's. I just read it this morning, so if you still have power, go and claim it girl. The rug turned out great. Take care and I sure hope your power stays on. It's hideous without power when it's cold. Very very depressing. (The worry thing? Me, too).

6:00 AM  
Blogger kitkatknit said...

Nothing weird there. I am your twin on numbers 2 and 4.

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is something wrong with my computer's network connection (and hubby's keyboard--it's a non-ergonomic one so I'm making lots of typos). I haven't been able to blog because of it. I have lots of pictures and stories to add--I only hope I can still remember them when I finally get it fixed.
Love, Karen O

11:47 PM  
Blogger V said...

I LOVE the rug! And it's so big!

I am the exact opposite about the sheets....I can't stand to have them tucked in...when I go to a hotel, the firs thing I do is pull the sheets out! I like them to be tucked under my feet like a little foot nest. :)

5:22 AM  

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