Sunday, December 03, 2006

Saturday in review

On Saturday morning blue skies greeted us. After a leisurely pancake breakfast and lots of silly girls (friends spending the night plus our own silly ones) we ventured out to choose a Christmas

We returned home just in time to pick up the mail which included a delightful parcel from V, my Coffee Swap partner. The heavenly scent of freshly roasted coffee could be detected even before opening the box. Man, paper flew as I tore into this box!

And inside, starting at the top from left to right:
A lovely card with wonderful letter written by V , TWO coffee mugs, one is a MiGo traveling cup WITH A HANDLE! Partially due to my M.S. and partially due to just being a naturally born klutz I tend to spill and drop a lot of cups. Most traveling cups do not have handles so my caffeine is usually restricted to "at home" drinking. And the beautiful pottery mug next to it was hand thrown by artisans at the Plymouth Plantation. I love these cups. Next were 5, yes FIVE packages of premium roasted coffees from Boston Best Coffee Roasters. Three gourmet chocolate bars were also included. These have been hidden away for those late-night sweet tooth urges because I don't want to share them with my girls who cannot yet fully appreciate the difference between good and mediocre chocolate.(mean mommy).

And finally, the piece de resistance... this is 400 yards of hand dyed superwash from Mind's Eye Yarns ! Pictures do not begin to serve justice to the beautiful blues and purples of this amazingly soft yarn. It has a glossy sheen reminescent of silk. I keep stroking it and sniffling it. No immediate projects come to mind yet, as I'm still in the infatuation stages, but once the excitement has worn off a little then projects can be pondered. Thank you very much V for sharing such wonderful Boston goodies. Now I'm off to brew some wonderful coffee and catch up on my blog reading. Cheers!


Blogger Cindy said...

What cool gifts and what a great pal. Your tree is beautiful. We use artificial here due to my intense pine allergy. Still, I do love the smell. Take care and have fun decorating the tree.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Knit and Purl Grrl said...

What a great package!
I used to live in Boston... your post brought back memories. :)

10:26 PM  

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