Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hurry up!

This time of year many folks hum Christmas Carols as they go about their daily business. In my head "The William Tell Overature" plays quickly and loudly. Over and over again. Letters have yet to be written, cards and packages haven't been mailed, decorations are only half way up and there is no stockpile of homebaked goodies in the freezer. But shopping is completed (thanks to Visa and the internet). December weekends are booked with holiday social gatherings. School concerts and performances threaten to usurp many weekday evenings, leaving little time to eat, clean or complete other essential activities. Is it just me or does this Christmas treadmill go just a little bit faster each year? And still that mental muzak keeps playing, urging me not to slow down.
Earlier last week I bailed on the Christmas knitting commitments. This week the decorating was halted midstream, actually, midstrand of lights. Yesterday I purchased some store bought cookies and Stollen to keep on hand in case of unexpected well wishers. This is not selling out, but rather saving what remains of my sanity. And to promote emotional well-being at least one hour a day has been spent doing something that I WANT to do.

First, I painted our dreary family room. The original color resembled a worm soaking in the bottom of a puddle... you know, that creepy not quite pink and not quite gray color . So now instead of drowned invertebrae, we have a bright cheddar colored accent wall and the other walls are painted a very pale gold color (they look white in the picture).

(I do not know where the dark spot on the ceiling or on A3's cheek came from. They only appear in the pictures)

The "tacky" rug I'm crocheting out of the Pendleton blankets is underneath the rocking chair. I hope to make it really large eventually. And yes, A3 is wearing a bathing suit top in December. It's her day off from kindergarten and mommy apathy has set in. Gone are the days of accessorizing my childrens' outfits with the bows in their freshly coiffed hair.

Here's another therapy hat. Hats are wonderful to knit because no patterns are needed and blocking, etc. isn't necessary. I can just knit mindlessly. This last detail is essential.

Here is our rather spartan, Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. I tried explaining the "less is more" concept to my girls, but they didn't get it. Finally I gave up and just told them I was tired and that they could add more decorations if they so chose. After several minutes they too decided the understated look was in. We're going to relax and have fun this year damn it!

I almost forgot. Here is the latest addition to our family. A1 got an early Christmas present yesterday. His name is Juji. Juji is still in shock from leaving the pet store. He hasn't made any sound at all. Bonny (our young kitty) desperately wants to check him out, but the door to A1's room remains shut, much to her dismay.


Blogger V said...

Good for you! Defintely NOT selling out. Santa has received tollhouse from a tube many times, and he seems to enjoy them perfectly well. I've really tried to get ahead this year....not that I've succeeded, but I've tried...hoping that I can kick back and enjoy it a little more. Sometimes I try to sell Little A on that "less is more thing" and uh....its met with a mighty confused look!

4:07 AM  
Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

My gosh, I can't believe how organized you are, you're almost done with the XMas preparations already? My gosh, I haven't even started yet! Shame on me! Must've been that William Tell overture in your head that got you going, no? ;)
Your painting work is absolutely amazing, and what a cute hat you did - I absolutely agree, hats are just the perfect projects for a bit of mindless knitting, no blocking or sewing - great!
And I really *love* your new family member, what a beauty!

5:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the purple hat!
It not only seems that the Christmas treadmill goes faster each year, but it also seems it gets here sooner each year!

7:31 AM  
Blogger Cindy said...

I agree. It's even harder when you have children. I love it, but am so happy when it's over. Your hat is lovely. No pattern? Sheesh. No way for this knitter. And, you have a parakeet. This alone elevates you in the fabulous Mom world.

8:22 AM  
Blogger Terri said...

Juji is very cute. He'll soon adapt. Cover the back of his cage though for a while so he feels he has somewhere safe to retreat to and this will give him time to get used to what's around him. If you talk to him lots, and don't ask too much of him too soon, he'll soon be hanging out for attention and whistling and talking back to you. Start with something simple repeated over and over on a regular basis like 'hello pretty boy'. Won't take long if you keep it up. :o) Budgies are such big personalities in little packages. I love them, but being an Aussie, I'm biased. LOL.

9:53 PM  
Blogger Terby said...

What a cozy room! I love the rug. This time of year does become so hectic that it stops being fun. We cut back more and more each year. Maybe I'll be more into it next season, but this year it just felt like way too much.

7:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember someone else had a bird in your family named, Frosty, that would talk.

1:59 PM  

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