Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I hate steeks. Fair Isle knitting is fun and wonderful, but as God is my witness, I will never steek again... at least not using the method from the Philosopher's Wool book (okay, I admit that I'm just lousy at sewing, it isn't their fault). Oh heck, I'll probably do it again someday.
At first glance one might think this sweater looks near finished...

Okay, so the frogs are not sewn on yet, no big deal, that only takes a few minutes and some thread.

And upon looking at the inside it's obviously in need of reblocking, again a minor issue that is easily remedied.

So here's the problem... the sleeve seam on the left shows three things, the machine sewn steek, (reinforced courtesy of my Mom), the rough cut edge with leftover fair isle stitches/selvedge and the inside facing I added to cover the seam. The picture on the right shows the facing. However,

being the "clever" person that I am, I thought that cutting away the excess selvedge would make the seam less bulky and more comfortable to wear. And surely the stitches used to set the sleeve would hold and prevent the fair isle from unraveling. Well, I was wrong! All of the body stitches are coming apart at the seam now and I am at a loss as to how to fix it. I suppose another trip through the sewing machine with a zigzag stitch might hold it, but then one side will end up smaller than the other (I already made a mistake on this same side which required an additional machine stitch and resulted in a slightly slimmer side than the other).

Well crappola anyway. I'm putting this one aside for awhile and resuming sock knitting... again.


Anonymous Cindy said...

Is there any way you could felt that part? It's obvious that I am completely clueless. I sure hope somebody can come to your rescue without it being too much of a pain to repair. The sweater is quite beautiful, though. I knew steeking was harder than the Harlot said.

12:39 PM  
Blogger ferg said...

I cannot help. I can only commiserate. I hope someone out there has a brilliant and simple answer for you soon.
Cheers Gillian

2:07 PM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

I read 'coming apart' and my first instinct was to sew it up and fast before it unravels any more and is that much smaller. I also got all lightheaded...

I love those frogs - beautiful!

10:11 AM  
Blogger Terri said...

Heidi what a shame this is giving you such trouble, but I have to say you knit beautifully. I so admire anyone who can do fair isle. I've never tried as it always looks too daunting, but I'm so impressed when I see beautiful neat work like this. Well done!

4:59 PM  

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