Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jeff's contest...

In the spirit of blog contests my friend Jeff is holding one of his own. Jeff and his fiance, Katharine, live with their dog and cat in the Boston area. I met Jeff many years ago while we were both attending Air Force Technical School at Biloxi, MS. Anyway,he has been creating animated cartoon strips since he was quite young and he now has a weekly cartoon and has even made several movies. The winner of his contest will have his or her likeness animated and that likeness will appear in his weekly cartoons. If you'd like to give it a try then click on "Weintertoons" in my links column (I'd set up a link through this entry, but my mouse is acting wonky and won't let me). And for the record, I have no idea how a panda ended up in his strip... some kind of dark humor, techy thing.


Anonymous Cindy said...

Ok, it looks like fun, but it's hard. Can you answer the questions? I honestly don't know anybody but the Howles. I haven't had a chance to take the Henry VIII's wives test yet.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Jeff - WeinerToons said...

It's a bit of a challenge and I only know becase I saw the creator of the show do an interview once and I always thought it was a good trivia question. I've received some interesting responses (which of course I can't reveal until next week and will do so in my blog). Thanks Heide for posting this here!!! I'm not even going to TRY and explain where the panda came from...I like your explaination!

5:42 AM  

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