Friday, February 24, 2006

Happy Friday!

I just received ANOTHER fabulous e-card from my SP7 Cindy!

She has been so consistantly thoughtful throughout this exchange. Thank you very much, I LOVE the sheep.

After many hours of searching blogs to find her she took pity and dropped some huge clues to assist me (it felt like looking for WMD in Iraq before that).

Her Blogsite is Whimsical Wool . Not only does she spin, but she makes socks like there is no tomorrow. After the Knitting Olympics is over I plan on using the lovely Piece of Vermont Granny Smith green yarn that she sent me to make some Jaywalker socks. It seems that everyone in the free world has made these socks and I feel like an outcast. Anyway, if you have a chance go check out Cindy's site, she's awesome. And now that she has been publicly revealed I can officially add her to my blog roll.

Amber received a 4 (equivalent to an A) on her science fair experiment! I must say that school was much less demanding when I was a child. High expectations are not a bad thing, but I wonder how I'd have coped in today's world. Heck, Autumn has an oral report coming up that requires visual aids and a timed, memorized speech. She will be graded on content, delivery (eye contact, annunciation, loudness, etc.) her visual aid use and overall neatness. Back when I was in the first grade (1972, I think) we were reading about a jigging pig or some such nonsense and finger painting.

Time to drive Ashley to preschool. I hope her day is uneventful (no spilled juice, naughty words that upset the teacher, etc.).

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous Cindy said...

Tell Amber she ROCKS!!!!! That is great. Actually, being outed has been rather freeing. Have a terrific weekend.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous jessie said...

Hi, Heide. I am Jessie of A Piece of Vermont, and I'm glad to finally know who that green yarn was going to!

(BTW, just read your bio. We have only one cat but 6 chickens. And I'd kill for a sheep or two, but we're "not zoned for cloven-hoofed animals."

I've just subbed you on my Bloglines.

9:29 AM  

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