Tuesday, February 21, 2006

L O N G Weekend

The older two girls just finished a five day weekend, a.k.a. mid-winter break. And although Brian and I ran non-stop all the entire time we have precious little to show for our work. The good news is that our federal and Oregon State (for Brian's guard duty) taxes are now complete. We also completed several pages for the Read and Lead program at the girls' school.

Amber's science fair project is ready to be turned in. We discovered that pre-treating yarn in an alum mordant (10% of yarn's weight worth of alum with water) worked better than pre-treating the yarn with a vinegar and water mordant. The vinegar took the colors faster, but the alum took the colors more evenly and they held up to washing better than the vinegar.

In Olympic news of the knitting type, I finished the second After Bertha sock sometime Friday.

And after several false starts, equipment failures and a complete routine change (different pattern choice) I finished the first of my lace socks. I find knitting the lace much more enjoyable than the plain ribbed patterns.

Well, it's off to bed now. I still hear the girls jumping around and Brian and I are in the middle of watching Pride and Prejudice.


Blogger Karen said...

Wow, you sure had a busy week. Thanks for the dying tip!! The socks are so pretty . . . the lace one is my favorite. So pretty and delicate.

5:25 AM  

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