Saturday, August 12, 2006

Voice of Guilt

Following a hard day's packing and a much needed shower I climbed into bed to knit before falling asleep. The stage was set. Koigu cakes made. Needles poised. Badcaul pattern on my lap. Socks in the starting gate. Guilt voices start.

them, "Say there, you have packing, cleaning and filing to do."
me... (insert cricket noises here)
them, "You should at least fold clothes, there's a big pile of them at the foot of the bed"
me... still silent
them,"Isn't this supposed to be neutral month in project spectrum? Don't you have a mystery sock KAL? That yarn isn't neutral and there are pictures. Besides, Christmas is only 5 months away and you're behind with your sock knitting for men. All you've made are girly, bright colored socks.
me... still silent but picking up pretty Koigu and looking in the sock yarn stash basket. Pretty Koigu trades places with sensible, Baby Ull in a sensible gray colorway.
them, "You can't use that pattern, it has a picture!"
me... still silent but getting grumpy at the guilt voices. Pattern is put away. I cast on blindly and just start knitting.
them, "Say there, don't you have two knitting UFOs to finish up before starting something new?"
me, loudly "What more do you want damn it? I'm knitting large gray socks! It isn't like I can piece together a sweater in bed. Leave me the hell alone!"
B in a confused voice, "What did I do?"


Anonymous Cindy said...

The hell with guilt. More projects mean diversity. Diversity is good, right?

2:14 PM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

Wait. You hear the voices, too? ;o)

7:36 PM  
Blogger Quilt'n & Scrap'n TruckRLady said...

I think I saw Scooter cower in the corner about the same you must've been loud! (wink-wink)

Oh, by the way, Munchkin came back yesterday morning. Skinny as a rail, and coughing...and that goes with a big lump in his throat.
Poor Kitty...Not sure where he's been or what he's been doing, but we're all glad he's home alive & safe. Now we'll work on the healthy part...
tc, C

9:21 AM  

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