Wednesday, August 23, 2006

News from the land of Oz

The middle toe on a kangaroo's back foot can slice a person open. And the big red kangaroos are huge and strong... heck, I wouldn't even want to try wrangling with a small gray for that matter.

So I wonder if Steve Irwin will be the pill administrator. "Crikey, this beauty just sliced me from me Adam's apple to me naval."

Also, I wonder how they track who's been dosed and who hasn't. The same slow roo could end up receiving 20 pills and start sprouting all kinds of estrogen related growths. Then they'd need to create a marsupial mammary holder.

All joking aside though, I hope this works and I applaud Australian officials for trying different humane methods. This beats the heck out of clubbing them... I know, bad pun, but I do feel sorry for the baby seals. Kudos to Australia.


Blogger fitknit said...

Maybe we could knit marsupial mammary holders???

I live near a golf course which is home to a colony of red 'roos. They are big and scary up close and we have had them bound down our street. Although not agressive (usually) they are not an animal to be messed with.

9:14 PM  

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