Monday, January 02, 2006


Well, tomorrow will be an interesting day. Ashley goes back to preschool and Brian goes back to work. When he gets there his work group has a meeting to discuss the RIF (Reduction in Force). This is a nice way for Verizon to say that some or many people will be fired. No other information was given to them in the courtesy email they received last week. Should Brian lose his job I am not sure what we will do. He's still in the National Guard so he may be able to request some active duty time. That would help supplement, but no completely cover our financial needs. In addition to concerns about a possible loss of income is the loss of medical benefits that would accompany a lay off. My M.S. drugs total over $1,700 a month and I don't know if Tricare would pay for them if Brian were on active duty. It would really not be feasible for me to get a job right now because of day care expenses as well as the fact that Brian isn't home regular hours. But enough of that, we may not be effected at all and I tend to worry too much.

I've had a little bit of knitting time and managed to finish the back of the Stella cardigan and start a little pull over with the kool aid dyed mohair. The latter of which is very bright. It's time to start building up the birthday and 2006 Christmas gift stash.


Blogger Baa Bonny Belle said...

Fingers are crossed that Brian is safe with any layoffs at work. Yikes.

Check the Philosopher's Fair Isle Video out from the Pierce County Library. It's a great vhs to watch, and smack in the middle of the tape is the few minutes of getting to see how she carries and works in/out her new colors. It's the only technique I use, though I now use the Russian Join when adding a new skein of the same yarn.

See you Thursday...I'll be driving with my three kids to Portland for my Aunts funeral Wednesday morning. My Uncle called Saturday and is very glad we are coming down for the service and see the family.

Take to you and the family in 2006.

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