Thursday, December 29, 2005

My First Knit Along!

I finally signed up for a knit along. The group is the Colorado Philosopher's Wool Knit Along and they will be featuring Fair Isle patterns from the book, "Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified." I ordered the book from Amazon this afternoon. There are kits available for purchase, but I want to mull over the patterns and feel different yarn before committing to a design and colors.

The past couple of days have been spent frogging old projects and organizing yarn. Some items ripped out included socks and about 6 inches of the Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan. The socks were ridiculously large and I just didn't like the feel of the cardigan.

I took the yarn from the SMJ and started a new cardigan. It is from a free pattern called Stella. Instead of cotton yarn I am using two strands of Knit Picks Shadow in the Lost Lake color.This one feels "right". The pattern is extremely easy, but the sweater doesn't look boring.

Now that Christmas is over my WIP basket is almost empty! I volunteered to finish a sweater that my sister started about 20 years ago. The pattern is gone so I'm going to just knit a basic sweater with no embellishments. Because I don't know how much yarn there is I'm going to save the sleeves for last and do them at the same time. It is a pale, dusty blue color and I think the yarn is mohair. I have no idea how the buttons (purchased 20 years ago with pattern) will be used.

Finally, I had a set back with my Kool Aid dyeing. After untwisting the hank of mohair to loop it around some chairs I dropped it. The results were a tangled bird's nest. Patience will be required in abundance before this task is completed!


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