Monday, December 12, 2005

Horrible Monday

Okay, so Mondays are always the week's lowpoints, but today was especially dreary and awful. We all slept in until almost 6:00 am. And because we had used the last of the milk Sunday night I couldn't just give the kids a bowl of cold cereal. So after cooking them french toast and nagging them to get dressed Amber and Autumn had to be driven to school. Next there was a mad-scramble grocery trip between dropping them off and getting Ashley to her school. What better way to spice up a Monday than by adding a trip to the dentist for not one, but two fillings. Being a coward, I requested Nitrous in addition to the novacain (sp). The gas made me throw up. I had no idea that our elderly dentist could move so quickly! After that Dr. Bird decided to put off a third filling and a crown until a later date. Following the appointment I had to dash back and pick up Ashley. After retrieving Amber and Autumn too we all took Brian down to 38th street in Tacoma to pick up a rental car. Normally this would have been fine except that the nausea still hadn't worn off from the dentist appointment. The girls were all promised a trip through Fantasy Lights in the rental car (new Ford Expedition) for a treat if they cleaned their rooms and finished their homework. It is now after 7:00 pm (bedtime) and the rooms are a mess and the homework hasn't been completed. Brian leaves for Wenatchee tomorrow in the rental car so IF we go to Fantasy Lights it will be in our boring old van. All in all, everything would have been tolerable had the girls not fought and if they had cleaned up. As much as I love them they drive me crazy some days! My two main rules of the house are 1. no messes and 2. no fighting. I finished the possum while waiting at the aforementioned dentist office and he's listed on ebay. I hope it sells. I had not time nor energy for knitting today. Thank heavens it's almost bedtime. The possum is listed under "hapresson" on eBay.


Blogger Baa Bonny Belle said...

I'm shooting for a better Tuesday for you, Heide. Wow. What a day for you. I'm a coward with my dentist also.

The Opposum turned out wonderful. I hope the bids are high.

Talk to you soon.


7:45 PM  
Blogger Kira said...

Did you really type "almost 6am"???? That's sleeping in? Wow.
I know that if I had to get up before 6am I would have a horrible Monday!!
BTW I have scrolled down and seen the needle felted mermaids - they are fabulous!! I love their little bottoms!

2:29 PM  

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