Friday, November 18, 2005

Aack! The holidays are upon us.

Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday that I packed away my elastic waist-band holiday pants. I'm thinking this year the holiday chores will be delegated and the girls will be in charge of Christmas cards. Decorating will be kept at a tasteful level, not another Griswald Christmas.
I still have lots of knitting to finish (and in some cases start) in order to make the holiday mailing dates.
Why is it that men are so much more difficult than women when it comes to gifts? I didn't come across any good masculine garage sale plunder this past summer. Most of the males I know do not wear stocking caps, knit gloves, etc. Once again they are getting homemade candy and baked goods.
I'm going to start making craisins today out of the huge box of cranberries from my parents' farm. Zoe gave me a yummy recipe for cranberry scones. The scones are made with oatmeal, soy milk and honey. With her permission I'll post the recipe.
Well, I need to work on laundry, drive one of my daughters to school and try to locate those elastic waist band pants.


Anonymous Marlene said...

Hi Heidi--
I got a good idea after reading your cranberry column: I am going to bake cranberry scones--as a little snack--and bring them to our Thanksgiving dinner! Of course, I will also bring the cranberry sauce as well. As a matter of fact, we are going to your parent's place today to pick the berries.
Wally and I will be going to Kellie's for Thankgiving. My girls wanted to come up and meet Wally's family--no, they have not met yet--but both girls were too busy, way too busy. They are going to have Thanksgiving with my parents. My parents will love that.
Wally and I have been busy ourselves, working away on our art projects. He does really well with the northwest subjects, like shacks and bogs and boats. I do well with California landscapes. We are gathering paintings at this point and hope to peddle them some day. I want to make enough to pay for a nice holiday in Italy!!!
Anyway, I will go off to the painting place now. Maybe you will want to feature us in your extended family section!!! Hey??? What about it???
Well, have a nice holiday with your family.

8:18 AM  

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