Sunday, November 13, 2005

Weekend At The Coast!

I just returned from a relaxing weekend in Grayland. Brian stayed home with the girls. My sister, Jackie, was down there too for a craft fair at the Tokeland Hotel. It rained most of the weekend so I just sat and knitted while visiting with everyone.
Spending an afternoon and evening with Grammie Helen and Grandpa Porgy was nice, but I had to end the visit 30 minutes into the Lawrence Welk marathon. A girl can only endure so much fun!

I finished the Flower Basket Shawl (see above), knitted and felted a purse and started some socks. The socks have some pretty wild colors (see pictures). . The yarn for the socks is "Dancing" from Knit Picks ( . I absolutely LOVE working with this yarn and it has elastic in it so that the socks stay up even after they have been washed.

Anyway, back to the weekend. Jackie kicked butt at the craft show. She sold lots of stuff. My Dad gave me a HUGE box of fresh cranberries. I'm going to dehydrate some into craisins instead of freezing them all. My Mom has been painting a lot of pictures and she's getting pretty good. And my brother, David, even showed up for dinner on Friday night. But unlike old times, we didn't fight at the table.

It's good to be home, but getting away was awesome!


Blogger Baa Bonny Belle said...

Heide, the FBS turned out wonderfully. Please bring that gorgeous piece in to school so I can get a close up view of it.



5:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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